CloudShare File Storage News

Moving Fileserver to another hosting
August 30th, 2016

hi guys,
we planned to move our fileserver to another webhost because of performance reason, so uploads/ddownloads wont work for few hours to maximum 1 day.

Affected service :
Upload/download wont work, will completed with 6 PM GMT - 1 september 2016

EDIT :::
Moved server successfuly, speed is highly improved.

Resume Not working
August 17th, 2016

hi guys,
resume option is not working due to config error in one of our server, we will fix it soon.

Downloads is working fine though
Thanks for your cooperation.

Affected service :
resume option is not working for all (Free, registered, Premium)

EDIT :::
Fixed, Everything working fine now...

Problem in Server 002
January 01th, 2015

hi guys,
Happy new greeting to all first, in this first day of the year we got one small problem in server s002, engineers are working to fix the issue, it will solved soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cloud-share Management Team.

It was a dns issue, we fixed it within 2 hours.

Urgent Maintenance
November 27th, 2014

We performing some urgent maintenance in server id s003, it will be fixed in few hours.

Sorry for inconvenience.


We fixed it in 12 hours.

Download Speed Changes
November 08th, 2014

we decided to increase download speed for free users.

Free Non-Registered User : 512 Kbps
Free Registered User : 2 Mbps
Premium user : Unlimited

So please take a few seconds to register and download for high speed. For ads free download and 50 Mbps (minimum 50 Mbps, maximum 125 Mbps) download speed, please buy our premium accounts.


Cloud File Storage Officially Launched
August 23th, 2014

Cloud File Storage Officially Launched